Water jet cutting

          Water jet cutting with abrasive technology allows us to cut a wide range of materials, i.e., metal, rubber, wood, chipboard panels, stone, ceramic tiles, glass (except tempered glass), foam, polystyrene and many others. The cutting does not cause any thermal effects; it does not change the structure, physical and chemical properties of the material being cut.
          This technology is environmentally friendly. The process of water jet cutting is clean, without any chemical air pollution. During the process we do not use any cutting oils and emulsions, only water, sand and electricity.
        Technical features:

                   - Maximum material size - 3000 x 1500 mm;

                   - Maximum material thickness - 180 mm;

                   - Cutting speed from 1 to 12,000 mm / min;

                   - Cutting accuracy of + / - 0.3 mm.

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