UAB „Politeca“ was established in 1993 after privatization of the former machine factory. Now there are 30 people working at the company, most of them are experienced professionals in machine tool manufacturing.

Since its establishment, the company is engaged in metal (aluminum, galvanized, steel metal and stainless steel) processing, it also has the equipment for metal cutting, bending, rolling, perforation, welding, water jet cutting with abrasive or with a band saw machine and drilling.

All our products are made from high quality metal which we order from well-known and reliable suppliers. That allows us to ensure high quality of our products.

Our production is based on individual orders; we are always trying to correspond to our customer’s needs.

Exclusive features of our company:
  • Production of custom products from aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, galvanized sheet, galvanized and steel metal.
  • Sheet metal bending, shearing, rolling, perforation.
  • Shearing, perforation, bending, rolling, drilling, welding of sheets up to 3 mm thickness and 3000 mm in width.
  • Rolling of tubes or bars up to 76 mm in diameter or of rectangulars up to 60x40 cross-section. Tube bending up to 50 in diameter.
  • External window sills, parapets, custom elements for roofs.
  • Production from the material of customers or the manufacturer.
  • Rolling of cylinder and cone shaped tin parts.
  • Custom metal products.
  • Cutting of various metals up to 180 mm thickness with abrasive water jet machine.
  • Grinding with grinding machine, polishing.

UAB Politeca is well equipped
 for these technological processes:

Sheet (also perforated) up to 3 mm thick and 3000 mm in width:

  • Cutting;
  • Cutting with abrasive water jet machine (up to 180 mm thickness);
  • Bending (up to 6 mm thickness);
  • Shearing;
  • Rolling;
  • Perforation;
  • Drilling;
  • TIG welding, decorative completion of the welded surface.

Tube and other profiles:

  • Saw cutting up to 245 x 180 mm cross section and a variety of angles;
  • Perforation with abrasive water jet machine up to H = 150 mm;
  • Rolling: R min = 250 mm;
  • Bending;
  • Drilling;
  • TIG welding.

 from the material of customers or the manufacturer:

From sheets:

  • External window sills, parapets, custom elements for roofs;
  • Custom profiles for interior decoration, door elements from metal and wood, stairs;
  • Furniture and interior elements, chandeliers, fireplace trim details;
  • Advertising boards and stands;
  • Body and interior details for buses;
  • Stands, panels for computer systems;
  • Rolling cylinder and cone shaped tin parts;
  • Table, automated line coatings for food and chemical industries;
  • Parts for lift cars, portals and mine finishing.

From profiles:

  • Advertising boards and letters;
  • Metal constructions and their elements;
  • Railings for all stairs.